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A huge thank you to everyone who’s posted here in recent weeks. I spent countless hours following posts on the Thai entry process and reading good and bad reviews of ASQ accommodation. I finally chose Lohas Residences and checked in on Sunday. It’s been terrific so far, and I’m (rather unexpectedly) enjoying my quarantine, so I highly recommend this option if you’re currently looking for accommodation: ARRIVAL: Someone was waiting at the airport with my name on a sign, and I was whisked to the accommodation in a private van. STAFF: The staff are absolutely excellent. You can communicate with them via the Line app or phone, and they’re ridiculously responsive and do everything they can to ensure you have a pleasant stay. Regardless of whether I’ve asked for help with the aircon, had special food requests, wanted to take delivery of a SIM card, or placed a 7-Eleven order, they’ve handled it rapidly and with a virtual smile online. Staff have rung on several occasions to ask if everything is OK and to check whether I enjoyed the food. The customer service has been absolutely superb and way beyond anything I expected. FOOD: I’m mainly vegetarian and have some likes/dislikes which the staff have catered for brilliantly. There’s heaps of food at every meal, way more than I usually eat, so bear in mind in my photos that many other items are available. I just didn’t want/need them! I came here wanting to lose weight and had thought being in quarantine would be an excellent way to do that. Instead, the food has been far too tasty, so I keep eating much more of it than I intended. 😉 (That’s a compliment to the chef, not a complaint!) WIFI: Good wifi was one of my main requirements when choosing accommodation as I do some publishing work while travelling and need to ensure I can always meet deadlines. The wifi has been absolutely superb so far. ROOM: I chose Lohas as I liked the thought of having a studio room that offered a decent fridge and microwave. They provide crockery and cutlery, and it’s nice to eat meals in a civilised way at a table, rather than out of plastic boxes. There’s even a washing machine. The room’s very comfortable and quiet, and a yoga mat was provided too. I love the blackout curtains so I can get a good night’s sleep. There’s a decent-sized desk space if you need to get work done too. SAFETY: If staff need to visit the room for anything, they’re always in full PPE gear, which is reassuring. TIPS: It’s useful if you download a QR barcode app and the Line app before arriving, as it’ll make the first few hours easier. I’d downloaded both but hadn’t used them, so I was pleased to discover they were straightforward, despite me usually being a bit of a dinosaur with technology. 🙄 PRICE: I paid 45,000 baht for a deluxe suite (45 sqm). I'm extremely happy with my choice of Lohas Residences so far.
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