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Exceedingly good ASQ. I highly recommend this place. This is my 4th time doing 14+ days in quarantine, I don’t like it, but have little choice. I wouldn’t hesitate to stay here again. Cost 68,000 THB. Booking. Initial communications, booking and 2 date changes, dealt with professionally and very prompt. A 5000 THB deposit secures your room and your ASQ confirmation will be issued from this point. Hotel Transfer. Pickup and transportation from the airport to hotel was excellent. Driver was awesome, spoke better English than me. Private BMW 5 series car. Room. Room and outside view are excellent. Floor to ceiling windows, all walls painted white. It’s not depressing and dull. The windows don’t open and there is no balcony. The balcony bit slightly concerned me but the other benefits easy outweigh this now. The corridor is very quiet. Credit to other guests in here, no continuous chair dragging, door slamming or shouting. This does happen, and it winds me up. The AC has been cool throughout and is quiet enough to sleep. Very little road noise heard, the old big bike or ambulance. Not a problem here. Outside time. 1 hour after 1st negative PCR, carried out on day 3-4. This can be taken at the pool or in the gym. Pre booking is required. Internet. Rapid. No issues steaming TV, UK radio or Netflix. TV. Not a massive choice of channels, there is access to 2000 online books and magazines. I believe they supply some type of fire stick with True Vision and Netflix on FOC. The TV will have a an HDMI port, hotel assistance maybe required to connect, the TV sits in a recess in the wall. Food. Outstanding. Never cold, some hotter than others if I’m honest but this doesn’t alter the taste. I have not left any of the main meal at breakfast, midday or evening. Cakes, pastries and sweets professionally baked. I can’t eat all of these, there is a 4pm snack every afternoon, cheese and biscuits etc. As this arrives I’m still snacking on my breakfast or lunch extras. There is a menu to pick from each day in advance with 3 choices for each sitting. All means arrive in plastic, like everywhere. Plates, bowls, proper cups and cutlery are supplied in the room. Self washed with hotel supplied cleaning products. If you have a big appetite this is the place for you. Deliveries. Some restrictions, most are obvious like guns and whisky. I have had a 7/11 delivery picked up by staff and 2 deliveries from Lazada. Staff. Brilliant, most helpful and very friendly. This is the reason I have wrote this review. Shame other hotels don’t have a crew as professional and dedicated as these. Medical. A temperature check carried out at 10.30am and 7pm by the assigned hospital nurse. Very friendly and professional.
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