Wondering what to do for 14 days in your hotel room? Consider learning Thai.

Welcome to Thailand.

Unfortunately, you’ll be spending the first 14 days in quarantine. 14 days locked in a hotel room while keeping your sanity in check is no small task. You can only entertain yourself for so long.

Do you have a plan for how to best use this time?

Why not make the most of your quarantine with QuarantineThai — a 10-day intensive program guaranteed to get your Thai to the next level.

  • We match you with one of our professional teachers.
  • We deliver materials to your hotel room.
  • Set you on a 2x daily lesson plan with your teacher.
  • You study 1-1 online with your teacher for 1.5 hours per lesson.

That’s 2 lessons per day for a combined 20 lessons — 1 FULL LEVEL in our established curriculum. YOU CAN ABSOLUTELY LEAVE QUARANTINE SPEAKING THAI.

There’s only one way to make real, fast progress learning a foreign language: 1-1 instruction.

Self-paced courses are great supplements, but can never engage you the way another real human being can. More importantly, there is no substitute for actually speaking the language and communicating in real-life. 1-1 instruction gives you that opportunity.

You’ll be amazed how much progress you can make after 30 hours of 1-1 conversation.

QuarantineThai’s curriculum has programs for all levels and advanced topics. Beginner to Advanced speaking, reading and writing, business, culture, religion and more.

All levels focus on relevant, spoken Thai — no outdated, overly formal language. Lessons are dialogue-based and focus on speaking and active listening.

Here’s what you can can expect from a few of our speaking courses:

01 Beginner — Have basic conversation and handle all day-to-day tasks.

02 Intermediate — Navigate more complex situations and speak in greater detail.

03 Advanced Speaking — Converse on professional topics.

I cannot emphasize enough the value of 1-1 language immersion with a dedicated, professional teacher.

  1. You can study vocabulary all day, but until you actually use the words in real sentences with another real human being, they won’t stick.
  2. When you learn a word, forget it and then review it two days later, you never gave your brain the chance to commit it to your long-term memory. Immersion allows for constant repetition of new vocabulary so it stays in your short-term memory long enough to move into your long-term memory.
  3. A professional teacher knows what to pay attention to.  Many of the Thai tutors out there are merely paid, patient friends that will chat with you. Our teachers pay attention, record what you’ve learned and know what to work on.

QuarantineThai is delivered through Top Thai Language school in Bangkok. Established in 2001, the school has taught over 2,500 students. Head teacher and teacher trainer, Kru Kitichai, developed his curriculum through 20+ years teaching Thai to foreigners.

“I’m impressed with the attention to detail. My pronunciation is improving rapidly! I also really like that the teacher can answer my questions and not just go through the lesson.” – Cris Bellini (Italy)

“It’s nice to work with a serious teacher that’s still fun to talk to. Too many tutors just want to hang out and have random conversation.” – Alan Baskevich (Russia)

  • 10 days.
  • 20 lessons.
  • 2 lessons per day. 1.5 hours per lesson.
  • Dedicated, professional teacher.
  • 1-1 instruction.
  • Materials delivered to your hotel room.

฿ 14,500

We currently have 20 teachers on staff. We limit the workload of each teacher to ensure each student receives energetic, high-quality instruction.

This also means there are only so many slots available.

Contact us now to reserve your spot and make the most of your quarantine on contact@asqstay.com!

Still not sure why a program like this is for you? Read below on the specific types of learners and common challenges they face:

For those moving to Thailand for their first time

You may have plans to enroll in a course through one of the schools. These are a fine supplement to your learning, but don’t expect to gain any sort of real fluency from it. Most classes are lectures with a few exercises where you ask your classmate if he’s from Japan and if he took the bus to class today…

One of the biggest things to look out for is creating a habit of relying on broken English while in the process of learning Thai. Unfortunately, your Thai likely won’t progress fast enough to keep you from falling into the Tinglish trap. Even if you’re taking private lessons, you still run this risk.

The best strategy to learn any language abroad is to hit the ground running. That means having your language ability to a point that you can rely on it (however painful it may still be to do so) and establish the habit of relying on it from day one in country.

I can’t think of a better opportunity to reach the level of competence necessary to do this than for 14 days locked in a hotel room prior to entering Thailand.

If you do have ties here and have lived here before, but have yet to get your Thai to a level that you’re satisfied with…

Maybe you plan to get your Thai up to speed one of these days. You likely won’t and here’s why: you’ve already grown accustomed to conversing in broken English AND the people around you have as well. Most of your efforts to speak Thai at this point will be dismissed. You or the people you associate with will revert back to broken English as you both know it’s an easier way to communicate. The dominant language will always win in any given exchange.

Your best option, hands down, is to get your Thai up to speed BEFORE you return to your established life here, and then establish a new normal in which you speak some Thai. It’s the same as those living in Thailand for the first time: there is simply no better opportunity to buckle down and do the work than while you’re locked in a hotel room 14 days prior to entering Thailand.

And for those who already do speak Thai and would like to advance or have plateaued at the basic level…

The school curriculum has programs for all levels and specific topics. This includes learning to read and write.

Once you’re functional in country… even if your Thai isn’t great… it’s quite challenging to break into the next level. Some of this is given to the often simple nature of most dialogue and communication here.  Much of it is due to the fact that you already have a working paradigm.

You shouldn’t expect any more progression in your day-to-day. So even if the Thais are quick to let you know that your Thai is geng maaaakkkk!, but you know it’s not and you’d like to improve, you’ll need to study.

Get a tutor…or consider the program since you’re locked in a hotel room for 14 days with nothing to do anyways.

And for those just on a long holiday…

You really don’t have to learn Thai… even if you live here long term, but do consider:  3-6 months is really not a vacation. You will be living here for all intents and purposes. Why not make your day-to-day more seamless?

Language will allow you to get by here with some know-how: navigate the country with some competency, make each of your interactions less of an ordeal and be treated with a little more respect — like an expat and not a tourist.

And since you’re locked up for 14 days anyways…..

  • 10 days.
  • 20 lessons.
  • 2 lessons per day. 1.5 hours per lesson.
  • Dedicated, professional teacher.
  • 1-1 instruction.
  • Materials delivered to your hotel room.

฿ 14,500

Make the most of your quarantine. 10-day intensive Thai program with a 1-1, dedicated teacher.

Contact us now to reserve your spot and make the most of your quarantine on contact@asqstay.com!