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Amaranth Suvarnabhumi Hotel

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Chularat 9 Airport Hospital
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Amaranth Suvarnabhumi Airport in partnership with Chularat 9 Airport Hospital will take care of our guests regarding health care and treatment,

throughout the quarantine period. Hotel located 10-15 mins. from Suvarnabhumi Airport, provides spacious and comfortable rooms with full facilities as Free internet Wifi, private Balcony and

ASQ guests can enjoy our outdoor relaxing areas of poolside and garden with live piano music singer after st Negative SWAB result.

We are committed to providing you the safety, healthy and comfy environment for all of guests to stay as one of Thailand’s Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration: (SHA) certified hotel.

Hotel Facilities

7-Eleven Purchase
International Channels
Internet - Wifi
Non-Married Couples
Swimming Pool
Yoga Mat
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What’s Included

  • Complimentary Airport pick up service from Suvarnabhumi Airport to the hotel on arrival day.
  • Complimentary Daily 3 meals per day: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner by selecting from menus.
  • Complimentary Daily drinking water, Coffee/Tea making facilities, Hi Speed WIFI Internet. Otheramenities: Hair Dryer, Toiletries, Complimentary additional items, Shaver.
  • Private Restroom and Shower, private balcony.
  • Room cleaning Service.
  • Complimentary daily laundry 3 pieces/day (Except Dry cleaning & Express service) ** Pick up time is 08:00-10:00hrs. daily
  • 30% discount for room service (Food & Beverage)
  • 20% discount for laundry service (except Dry-cleaning and Express service)
  • Enjoy outdoor relaxing areas of poolside and garden with live piano music & singer after 1st Negative SWAB result.

Medical Services

  •  2 Times COVID-19 Tests conducted on property (for 11&15 Nights package and 1 time for 8 Nights package)
  • Twice-Daily temperature monitoring’s.
  • 24 hours nurse on duty.
  • Obtaining Official COVID-19 Free Certificate.
  • Admittance to hospital if testing is positive for COVID-19.
  • In case of infection, the hospital will be responsible coordinating of treatment of patients

Good to know

  • For Mother + 1 kid or Father + 1 Kid only. Maximum only 2 persons allowed in the room
  • Please note only one extra bed is allowed in one room.
  • Complimentary baby cot is available upon request.
  • Smoking is allowed on the balcony.
  • The price for Thai citizens is of THB 41,500 per person.


Check In Anytime
Check Out Anytime
Hotel Policies

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation with supported documents is required (ex. Positive Covid-19 result, COE /VISA problem, Flight cancel) otherwise it will result in a penalty of full stay charge.

Change Policy

Guests can change their bookings several times but need to notify the hotel at least 5 days before their arrival.

Payment Policy

A deposit of 50% is required to confirm your stay and the balance is due 7 days before arrival.
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Luke Fischer


4.8 "A Quarantine Stay"

So halfway through my alternative state quarantine at the Amaranth Suvarnabhumi Hotel, and I thought I would record some thoughts of my experience, so far. This could be long, so grab yourself a cup of tea and settle down. When I was looking for an ASQ I had 3 things in mind: budget, balcony and not in the middle of Bangkok. This hotel ticked all those boxes, but also had two further selling points that caught my eye. The first one was that after the first swab test you are allowed out two times per day for an hour each, and, secondly, the hotel offers 3 pieces of laundry, free of charge each day. More about these later. The reservation process was straight forward; I contacted the hotel by email, providing my planned arrival date and asking if they had availability. This was about three weeks before my planned arrival. I received a response the next morning from the reservation team, stating they had availability and setting out the terms of the booking. They offered me a deluxe room fro 55,000 THB. To confirm the booking I had to complete a form they sent me and make full payment by credit card - the hotel accepts all International credit cards, including American Express. I also had to provide a number of other documents such as copy of passport, visa, covid insurance. Once this was done I was supplied with a booking certificate, that could be used to obtain the CoE. Shortly before my flight date I was reminded to send the hotel copies of my Covid test, and fit-to-fly. During the booking process I did ask a couple of questions about specific details, and these were always responded to promptly. At the airport, I was met by the hotel greeter at door 9, fully kitted out in PPE. He phoned the driver, and then he pushed my trolley out to the hotel minibus. I was asked to sit in the back of the minibus. The driver sprayed my bags before loading them on board. Both the driver and the greeter got on for the 15 minute drive to the hotel - separating me and them was a big plastic screen. On arriving at the hotel, the minibus didn’t use the main entrance but drove down a service lane to a basement carpark at the back of the hotel - the ‘lepers’ entrance’. Having walked across the disinfectant mats, I was checked into the hotel, provided with the rules. I had to pay a 5,000 baht deposit for incidentals, either cash or credit card. I was also provided with wifi log in details, and chose my meals for the rest of days 0 & 1. Then it was a brief visit with the nurse, who took my temperature, blood pressure and blood oxygen, asked if I had any allergies or if I was on any medication. I was provided with a digital thermometer, 9 disposable face masks and a small bottle of alcohol hand cleanser. Then I was shown over to the lift, where I had to put covers on my shoes, before been shown up to my room. Before I arrived, the room had been sealed by the housekeeping staff, and I had to break the paper seal, to ensure the room hadn’t been tampered with. As you would expect of an airport hotel, the room isn’t luxurious, but perfectly adequate for what I need. There is a shower room, with hand basin, w.c. towel rack and a hair dryer. The usual supply of amenities - shower gel, soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc. In the main room there is a wardrobe with several hangers and a safe, a coffee making area with kettle, a supply of drinking water and a small fridge. There is the usual double bed arrangement with bedside tables, a small soft chair and an occasional table. There is a working area with desk and office chair. I have found seven accessible power sockets in the room. The balcony is about 3m by 1.2m, not huge but big enough, this is where you are requested to smoke if you do. The bed is firm, and I have had some really good sleeps in it - 4 pillows. There is a TV, with HDMI port easily accessible. The TV has about 50 channels in various languages. There is also a CAT6 LAN socket in the room, which I haven’t used, as the wifi is good enough, generally about 88MB/s, it once went down to 22MB/s - I don’t know what these numbers mean, but the wifi is fine. The hotel also supplies 4 bottles of drinking water each day. The hotel building runs west to east, with the low numbered rooms to the west. The odd numbered rooms are on the north side of the building and the even numbered rooms to the south. This means the even numbered rooms get more sunshine, but I am told it can get quite warm on the balcony on the south side. My room is on the northern side of the building towards the east, and I get the sun on my balcony until about 8.30am. Some of the low odd numbered rooms do not get any sunshine at all! I am happy with a north facing room as I get the breeze. The view isn’t much - a metal fabrication plant, but I am not here for the view; there isn’t too much noise from the factory, and none at all if I close the balcony windows. I am told the view is better on the other side of the hotel. The hotel is close to the approach path to the left runway at Suvarnibhumi Airport. No noise if the balcony doors are closed. I guess the hotels at the northern end of the runway may be noisier. Its a great place if you’re a plane spotter, bring you binoculars! Let’s talk about food - it seems to be a major topic in ASQ. The hotel supplies 3 meals a day, and you can order food from room service as well. You order your food before 2pm the previous day, I find it useful to note down what you have ordered and what time you have ordered it, as once you have submitted the form into the ether, you have no record. Breakfast is served from 6am to 10am in 1/2 hour slots. You can chose American, Continental, Spa, Khao Tom or Congee. Within the breakfasts you can chose slight variations, e.g boiled, fried or scrambled eggs, orange, pineapple or tomato juice, tea coffee, Khao tom goong or Khao tom pla. Lunch is served between 11am and 2pm, again at 1/2 hour slots and dinner between 6pm and 11pm. The menu for lunch and dinner is the same. There are 10 western sets - from pasta to sirloin, there are 4 Japanese sets, which with variations means 7 different meals, 13 Thai sets (in some of these you have a choice of chicken or pork, meaning 16 choices), and 7 vegetarian choices. To drink with your meal you are served coffee, tea, hot/cold green tea, pineapple ginger juice depending on your meal set. All the meals are served with fruit. In my experience, so far, the meals have been served punctually and warm/hot. I had one meals served cold - an American breakfast, I just didn’t order it again 🙂. I have heard only one other guest saying that the food is never hot. No outside food or drinks are allowed for guests who are being quarantined, but there is room service with a 30% discount. I haven’t touched my stash of goodies yet as the food provided has been sufficient. The food is left on a table outside your room, and is served in plastic containers with plastic cutlery. Once you have finished your meal, collect up all the used containers and cutlery, put it in the same plastic bag it was delivered, and then you place them under the table outside you room, and the cutlery fairies will take them away. Room cleaning - your room is cleaned by the hotel on days 7, 10 & 13, where they replenish all supplies. I have only had one room clean so far, and this took place while I was on ‘relax time’; however, they have ‘waiting rooms’ if you are not relaxing when your room is being cleaned. You don’t have to have your room cleaned, you can just hang the do not disturb sign on your door. They don’t supply much for you to keep your own room clean. There are garbage bags, to be sealed with rubber bands and put outside your room for collection by the garbage fairies. As part of the package the hotel provides 3pcs laundry each day free of charge (not dry cleaning and special stuff like that). Actually the way they work it is 45 pieces for the 15 night stay, so if you want to launder more after you arrive and less on following days, that works out as well. You are supplied with a small pack of washing powder in your room and there is a small drying rack on the balcony. If you leave your laundry outside your room before 10am the laundry fairies will whisk it away, and bring back to you the same day around 4pm. Relax time - after you have passed your 1st swab test - you are allowed relax time outside. You are given a choice of 4 1 hour sessions and can choose 2 sessions per day. The sessions for the pink wristbands (indicating you have passed your 1st swab test) are 7am to 8am, 10am to 11am, 1pm to 2pm and 4pm to 5pm. Each session is limited to 20 people. Today I did from 7 to 8am and there was only one other person there and 10 to 11 am which was busier but no more than twelve people. You have a choice of the pool area (swimming is not allowed) where there are socially distanced sun loungers or the garden area. In the garden area there is a piano player to entertain you between 3.30 and 6.30 pm. On Sundays the piano player is replaced by a dulcimer player. This music may be disturbing for guests who have an even numbered room, according to one guest I spoke to. There is a similar process after your 2nd swab test results come though, but the sessions are at different times - 8.30 to 9.30, 11.30 to 12.30, 2.30 to 3.30 and 5.30 to 6.30 pm. I think it’s great that they separate the guests who have a different risk. Shortly before the end of relax time, one of the staff walks through the area with a bell boy board and bell declaring ‘relax time finish in 5 minutes’. The Line app. I was advised to download this onto my phone before I arrived, which I did. On checking into the hotel I scanned the QR code of Amaranth ASQ. This is the main channel of communication. This is used to convey key pieces of information to you, for the hotel to market facilities available, and is used by you to send a picture of your temperature twice per day. You can use it to ask questions of the hotel staff. Its good, but I imagine its a bit like having Alexa in your home. The hotel staff are very prompt at responding to your messages and questions, normally by sending you a sticker. The only time they weren’t so fast to respond was with the fire alarm test - every Monday at 3pm they test the hotel fire alarm for a few seconds. I contacted them to say in my room I could barely hear the alarm bell and was worried in case I wouldn’t wake up, if asleep. This obviously, wasn’t on the list of prepared answers, so it took over an hour for the response that they will tell the engineers about this, to come through. Oh yes, to start with they were calling me ‘sir’, now we have progressed to ‘Mr Fisher’. Healthcare - The hotel has partnered with the Chularat 9 Airport Hospital for the healthcare during ASQ. After checking in you are asked to send a picture of your temperature taken with the digital thermometer every day at 8am and 5pm. If you don’t they will remind you with line messages - I have taken to setting my alarm on my mobile phone, just so I don’t overlook this. Additionally you are required to record your temperature using the Coste App. On the 2nd, 7th and 14th day you will be visited by a nurse in your room to check your temperature, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels. They will also check if you are taking your medications and sleeping OK. On days 5 & 12 you have your swab tests. This is done close to the swimming pool area. I received the results and the certificate by the Line app the next day.
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